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Gift giving this holiday season is easier than ever with our WBU holiday gift selection.  We are excited to offer a wide variety of gifts to meet any budget.  Any of the below items can be given as gifts and make great stocking stuffers.  Best of all WBU Barrie will wrap your gifts for you at no cost!  


WBU Gift CardsWBU Gift Cards: WBU Gift Cards are the perfect gift for every nature lover.  Every nature lover is different, so finding the ideal gift for him or her can be difficult. That's why our Gift Cards are the perfect gift for every occasion. They allow your friend or loved one to choose what part of nature he or she wants to enjoy. The best part: our Gift Cards are redeemable at every Wild Birds Unlimited location.








Beeswax Birthday CandlesBeeswax Birthday Candles: These unique Birthday Candles will be the talk of the party! Coming in a set of 16, these are sure to make any birthday celebration extra special. Hand Dipped from Pure Canadian Beeswax. Three inches tall and ever so sweet! Cotton braid wick. Approximate burn time of 20 min. per candle. Handcrafted in Canada. 

Dimensions: 3" tall. 


Beeswax Wee Pine Cone Candle:Beeswax Wee Pine Cone Candle: Pure beeswax candles with a little flourish and whimsy. Pure Canadian Beeswax Candle. A delicate seed cone is the inspiration for this wee candle in our Nature Inspired Collection. Burn Time 3 hours. Cotton Wick. Handcrafted in Canada. 

Dimensions: 2" x 1.5" x 2.5"


Beeswax Votive CandleBeeswax Single Votive Candle: These Votive Candles are made from pure Canadian Beeswax Candle. Votive candles, sometimes called church candles, must be burnt in a fire proof container. Light it and enjoy! Cotton Paper Core Wick. Approximate Burn Time of 10-12 Hours. Handcrafted in Canada. 

 Dimensions: 2" x 1.5" x 1.5" 


Simply Beeswax BlockBeeswax Block: While not a candle, this Beeswax Block is a household staple nonetheless. Beeswax has been used as a household aid for centuries; poured into gaps in wooden floors to prevent squeaking, rubbed on draws for an easier glide, drawn onto saw blades to prevent binding and rust, and even on metal zippers. This Beeswax block is make of pure Canadian Beeswax from the Western provinces. 

Dimensions: 2.5" Diameter x 1/2" - Weight: 1.5 ounces


Bird Seed Gift Bag Christmas

Bird Seed Gift Bag: The Bird Seed Gift Bag is a cute little cloth bag filled with black oil sunflower seeds. The Bird Seed Gift Bag makes a great stocking stuffer, teacher gift or host/hostess gift. It's perfect for any occasion and gives the gift of bird feeding to whomever receives it. Each bag holds approximately 3.2 Oz. (91 g) of bird seed. 

Christmas Day Inscription: “It is a Scandinavian Tradition to feed the birds on Christmas Day to ensure Good Luck in the year ahead. Spread birdseed on your doorstep Christmas morning for Luck in the New Year.”



BWD - Enjoying Cardinals MoreBird Watcher’s Digest’s Backyard Booklet Series answers questions on nearly every backyard bird-watching topic, including bird feeding, hummingbirds, bluebirds, squirrels and more!  These handy reference booklets are 32 pages and packed with practical easy-to-understand information, colour photographs and useful tips.









WBU Lens ClothWBU Lens Cloth: Always losing your lens cloth? We have your solution! This WBU Microfibre Cloth comes with a clip so you can attach it to your camera bag, backpack, purse, or anything you like, ensuring it is always on hand when you need it. This premium microfiber cleaning cloth comes attached to its own neoprene pouch. Simply tuck it inside when not in use to protect the cloth from dirt and wear. Machine washable with mild detergent. Pouch is black with Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie logo, cloth is grey in colour. Made in the USA.




Professional Full Colour Nail FilesNail Files: Professional Colour Nail Files are high quality and available in beautiful bird and nature themed designs. Professional Colour Nail Files have a cushioned surface and are double-sided. One side has fine grit and the other medium grit. They are great for natural or acrylic nails and are made in the US. Each Professional Colour Nail File is 7” long.


Nectar Dot Held Hummingbird FeederNectar Dot Held Hummingbird Feeder: The Nectar Dot Hand Held Hummingbird Feeder is one of the smallest hummingbird feeders out there! This tiny feeder brings the joy of feeding hummingbirds closer and makes it as easy as 1-2-3!




Peterson Illustration Greeting CardsPeterson Illustration Greeting Cards: Featuring illustrations by Roger Tory Peterson, along with James Audubon, these premium greeting cards are sure to be a hit with the nature lover on your list. Designs include Baltimore Orioles, Pileated Woodpeckers, Northern Cardinals, Eastern Gray Squirrels and Peterson Posters, there's a card for every occasion and every recipient. These 5x7 blank cards and envelopes are made from recycled and recyclable paper and feature a species caption and artist bio on back.




Rain Gauge - 5" GlassRain Gauge – 5” Glass: The stylish and minimalist Glass Rain Gauge measures up to 5” of backyard rainfall. This Rain Gauge features durable glass housing and easy-to-read design. Use it as a yard/garden stake, or use the included mounting bracket to mount on a post or a fence for the best viewing option in your yard.

Dimensions: 2.25” L x 1” W x 6.75” H




Salted CaramelsSalted Caramels: These Canadian caramels are handmade in the French tradition in nearby Kitchener-Waterloo. Made one small batch at a time with nothing more than a copper pot and a wooden spoon, each fleur de sel caramel is two bites of buttery bliss. Sold individually. Made in Canada.   




Sibley Pocket Guide Birds of Ontario and QuebecSibley's Pocket Guide - Backyard Birds of Ontario and Quebec: The Sibley Pocket Guide Birds of Ontario and Quebec is the perfect pocket-sized, folding guide for the bird lover and nature enthusiast. This beautiful guide highlights over 69 familiar species with artworks by the talented Ornithologist and bird illustrator. Waterproof for durability, this handy guide is a great source of portable information and ideal for field use by novices and experts alike.

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Spiced Mug MatsSpiced Mug Mats: Filled with real spices, the decorative mug mats are hand stitched with the highest of quality material featuring Alice Backman's original water color designs of nature and botanical themes. Place a warm tea or coffee mug on the mat to enhance the wonderful aroma. They protect table tops and are perfect for the home or office. They are a hands down great product all on their own. Machine washable and 100% cotton.




Soda Bottle FeederSoda Bottle Feeder: Recycle plastic soda and bottled water containers into year-round bird feeders. This environmentally friendly kit comes with the base and the hanger to add to your soda bottle. There are no tools needed and it is easy to assemble. Just simply fill a bottle with WBU Seed Blend, black oil sunflower or safflower, twist on the feeder base, and hang it! Easy to use, fun for all ages, weather-proof, and the birds love it!







Stainless Steel StrawStainless-Steel Reusable Straws with Cleaning Brush: Help reduce wasteful single use plastic straws by using this Stainless-Steel Straw whenever you need one. Using this straw instead of a single-use straw when you need one keeps waste out of landfills and the natural environment.  Spread the word about the dangers of plastic single-use straws by ordering your drinks “no straw please” and ask restaurants to consider saving money and the environment by providing (paper) straws upon request only. Each 7” straw comes in a handy velvet carry bag and includes a straw cleaning brush.

 Did You Know? Due to slow decomposition, every single straw ever made is still on Earth!




Sugar Saver- Brown SugarSugar Saver - Brown Sugar: Help keep your brown sugar nice and soft with this handcrafted Sugar Saver.  Soak natural terracotta Sugar Saver in water for a few minutes, then place in brown sugar container. Dishwasher safe. Handcrafted in Canada. 




Sugar Saver- White SugarSugar Saver- White Sugar: Help keep your white sugar flowing freely with this handcrafted Sugar Saver. Simply place in with your white sugar and the natural clay will absorb moisture to help keep the sugar dry and free flowing. Dishwasher safe. Handcrafted in Canada. 





WBU Mini Peanut FeederWBU Mini Peanut Feeder: The WBU Mini Peanut Feeder is the perfect feeder to start offering peanuts (no shell) as well as Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter® Bits to your backyard birds. This feeder features a silo which holds 0.32 lbs. (145 g) of peanuts (no shell) as well as Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter® Bits and several feeding holes giving the birds lots of places to feed from. Small peanut eating birds including woodpecker, chickadees, nuthatches and titmice can easily cling to this feeder while grabbing a peanut. The WBU Mini Peanut Feeder comes in three bold colours: red, green and blue.

Dimensions: 7” L (11¼” L with bale extended) x 2½” W 


Window Thermometer – MiniWindow Thermometer – Mini:  Check the temperature without ever having to step outdoors with this Northern Cardinal Mini Window Thermometer. Mount indoors or outdoors, this small, non-intrusive thermometer features a temperature range of -30°F to 120°F. The Mini Window Thermometer is made from durable double resin with fade resistant graphics and a mercury-free weatherproof thermometer.

Dimensions: 2.5” L x 0.5” W x 4.88” H




Window ThermometerWindow Thermometer:  Check the temperature without ever having to step outdoors with this Northern Cardinal Window Thermometer. Mount indoors or outdoors, this transparent thermometer won’t block your view and features a temperature range of -20°F to 120°F. The Cardinal Window Thermometer is made from durable double resin with fade resistant graphics and a mercury-free weatherproof thermometer.

Dimensions: 3.5” L x 0.5” W x 8” H