Presentation Testimonials

"20 Things You Didn't Know About Backyard Birds"

"I did not know that birds change color by the season, and that they require water in the winter! Also, I now know why my hummingbird was looking for the feeder two weeks ago!!! They don’t leave until the END of September. I also learned that the birds love sunflower seeds in the winter, which results in no wasted food and no winter “shoveling” by my birds now. She was an excellent speaker. Who ever said you can’t teach an old bird lover new tricks?" Shirley Finch (Lady Shriners Barrie)

'A Journey to the Hawaiian Islands' Presentation

“I attended Kristen’s presentation to the Peterborough Field Naturalists meeting of April 10, 2013. In summary I found it to be a very enjoyable and informative presentation. We all have visions of the Hawaiian Islands as a place with sand beaches backed by towering hotels and facing waves with surfers. Kristen’s presentation provided an excellent introduction to the natural side of the islands. An very different aspect of the islands.   Her use of PowerPoint capabilities permitted the showing of a wide range of the natural features of the Hawaiian Islands. Kristen managed to cover a wide range of natural aspects of the islands as well as a number of the protected wildlife areas. It was a presentation I would highly recommend to another other organization, both naturalists clubs and the general public. It is much more than a typical travel show, rather a show which provides the participant with an understanding of the Natural Heritage of the Hawaiian Islands.” Martin Parker (President of the Peterborough Field Naturalists)

'Becoming an Ecotourist' Presentation

“Kristen’s presentation to the Kitchener Waterloo Field Naturalists was very well received and quite professionally done.  I particularly enjoyed her honest approach to the realities of travel and her obvious concern for the environment.  I thought your details of eco-tourism were well researched with plenty of suggestions for the “nature enthusiast.”  I think her reminders of respect for “minimizing” impact on our natural areas is always an important consideration for those that may be treading on “sensitive” areas, as well as, thinking about the real, danger of “Green Washing”.  It was very interesting to learn of Eco-travel success stories.  Thanks for opening up an important conversation and making the presentation quite enjoyable. Thanks again.” April Morrissey (Kitchener Waterloo Field Naturalists)

“In June 2013, Kristen was our guest speaker at the Beaver Valley Probus Club. About 200 of our members attended her presentation on Becoming an Ecotourist which was especially well received as she focused the topic on relevant aspects of ecotourism to our region. She is a gifted speaker.”  Wayne Bryant (Beaver Valley Probus Club)

'Bird Feeding 101' Presentation

“Kristen has a wide knowledge of her subject matter and her presentation – Bird Feeding 101- was enthusiastically received by our PROBUS Club.  She provided an insight to the variety of birds in our area and the many different ways in which to attract them to our homes and gardens.   The presentation had a wide appeal as it was of interest both to gardeners and also to those living in condominiums.” Jane Kooy (Kempenfelt Probus Club)

"Kristen has a winning personality and her presentation to the Beeton Horticultural Society was both informative and fun to listen to.  She has a wide-ranging knowledge base about birds and wild life and readily shares her knowledge.  We especially liked the variety of bird food and bird feeders that she brought to show us.  It is evident that she loves her work." Marsha Hardwick (Beeton Horticultural Society)

'Gardening for the Birds' Presentation

“Kristen's presentation on Gardening for the Birds was lively, fun and packed full of information about creating your garden to provide shelter, water and food,- particularly using natives. She explained the importance of using a quality seed mix at the winter feeder, and brought along some interesting feeders. Great visuals and obvious enthusiasm for both the birds and the garden- our members enjoyed Kristen!”  Janet Hogarth (Collingwood Horticultural Society)

"Kristen's knowledge of birds is quite extensive! The TDHS Garden Club was riveted by all we can do to make our gardens and yards more bird friendly.  Kristen shared so many great ideas to make our gardens and yard more welcoming for our fair feathered friends! From which types of feeder and seeds to use, the importance of providing water in all seasons to helpful hints on how we can supply materials to help in nest building. The TDHS Garden Club appreciates Kristen's knowledge and experience and are still talking about it!  The knowledge and expertise shared by Kristen is a must have! Her presentation was professional, fun-filled and a great learning experience. We learned what WE can do to make our gardens bird friendly as well as functional for our feathered friends. Thanks Kristen!”  Michelle Angove (Tottenham District Horticultural Society)

“THANK YOU Kristen and Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie for your presentation and supported us through this great event.” Debra Macapagal (Ecofest Barrie)

“The presentation by Kristen was extremely informative regarding the natural plantings of perennials and shrubs to attract the birds to your backyard. It also enlightened us on the purchase of food for the winter months and which birds ate the different types of seeds.  Looking forward to having more of a diversity of birds in my yard because of this new found knowledge.” Marilyn Elloitt (Gilford and District Horticultural Society)

“Thank you again for your wonderful presentation. We heard only positive comments from Society members such as:

  • ‘Kristen’s an excellent speaker’
  • ‘I have learned so much tonight’
  • ‘Kristen really knows her stuff’
  • 'Now I know why the birds aren’t coming to my feeders’

Needless to say we all enjoyed your talk and hope to have you come back to present again.” Liz Schandlen (Midland Horticultural Society)

“Thank you for your presentation of "Gardening for the Birds" at The Oro-Medonte Horticultural society meeting. Kristen’s extensive information on the needs of the birds in our area with regard to food, shelter, water and habitat was enjoyed by all. I was delighted to hear her promotion of native plants. As a society we have been promoting growing natives and have a selection at our annual plant sale devoted to natives. Kristen’s presentation will reinforce our enthusiasm. We would like to have her back to present again soon.” Judy Smith (Oro-Medonte Horticultural Society)

“Kristen was extremely knowledgeable and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. ‘Gardening for the Birds’ was extremely informative and the information was presented in a way that everyone could understand and learn from. The feedback from our members was fabulous, everyone really enjoyed the presentation. Thank-you Kristen!” Pat Hopper (Painswick Horticultural Society)

'Hummingbirds- Nature’s Miracle' Presentation

“On March 20, 2013, members of the Creemore Horticultural Society were entertained and educated by Kristen Martyn's professional presentation on"HUMMINGBIRDS".  Kristen's knowledge of her subject matter was astounding; her presentation was engaging and appropriately participatory.  The information that Kristen presented at our meeting definitely will enhance the enjoyment we derive from our passion for gardens and gardening.  Thank you, Kristen.” David Bruch Johnson (President Creemore Horticultural Society)

“Glad to say Kristen’s presentation was a very well prepared informative hummingbird education. We had no idea there were so many types of hummingbirds or they were such incredible creatures! Kristen’s June Blooms presentation at the Wasaga Beach Public Library inspired community gardeners to prepare new spaces to attract hummingbirds. Thank you very much for the presentation Kristen.” Cathy Turrie (Wasaga Beach Public Library)

“The Aurora Garden and Horticultural Society members and many members of the public enjoyed the depth of knowledge about hummingbirds that Kristen Martyn shared with us through her informative and beautifully designed presentation on “Hummingbirds- Nature’s Miracle”.  Kristen provided some very practical information on attracting hummingbirds to our own gardens, allowing us to safely feed them and enjoy their visits to our gardens. We had the largest crowd at a meeting this year for Kristen’s talk, as it was truly a topic of interest both to our members and to the community, as we had many guests out to our meeting that night as well.  We heard lots of positive comments about Kristen’s talk afterwards from our membership.” Cindy Scythes (Aurora Garden and Horticultural Society)

“After Kristen’s presentation our members couldn’t stop talking about it! We all really enjoyed the presentation immensely - the information was so fascinating and very educational - the pictures were really enjoyable Thanks again Kristen and we would like to have you back again to present.” Arlene Edwards (Wasaga Beach Garden Club)

“We really enjoyed Kristen’s interesting and informative presentation. I learned a lot about our favourite spring "snowbird" returned.  I particularly appreciated the PowerPoint as I could follow the talk on the screen as well. Kristen projected well, which was great, as we had no microphone.  Her enthusiasm was contagious and now all we have to do is wait for the hummingbirds to return to Barrie!” Jane Falls (Barrie Garden Club)

“Thank-you Kristen for the very interesting program last night. Hummingbirds are always a welcome sight in the summer and everyone all learned many great things from your presentation.” Barbara Downey (Nobelton and King City Horticultural Society), ‘Hummingbirds- Nature’s Miracle’ Presentation

'Preparing Your Yard for Winter' Presentation

“Kristen, thank-you for taking the time to come up and speak with our group about getting your garden winter ready for the birds.  I really did enjoy your presentation and I learned a lot of things about the wild birds in our gardens, that I didn’t know, as I’m sure the rest of the group did.  I’ve been feeding birds forever, but still learned an incredible amount!  Who knew that robins didn’t go south?  Or that September is the most important feeding month?  Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you at Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie.” Laura Ellis (Penetanguishene Horticultural Society)

'Snakes of Ontario' Presentation

‘Kristen spoke with complete expertise for North Natures Snakes of Ontario event. Kristen displayed her vast knowledge of snakes with examples of her experience directly with the animals. Kristen wrapped the audience’s attention with awesome facts, examples and self-taken pictures of specimens in the field that really provided a professional viewing. Everyone came out of the event with a smile and new found or rein firmed love for a struggling group of animals.’ Peter Simons (Barrie North Collegiate, Nature Club)

'The Birds and Wildlife of Costa Rica' Presentation

“Kristen's presentation of the natural history highlights of Costa Rica was a rich with details, broad in scope and delivered with sincere enthusiasm from someone who knows the area very well. Like the call of one of her favourite birds the Potoo, Kristen's presentation of the natural history highlights of Costa Rica immediately captures your attention and immerses you in the exotic biodiversity of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles that are a part of that country." Ron Jasiuk (Upper Credit Field Naturalists)

'The Birds of Simcoe County' Presentation

“The Birds of Simcoe County is an excellent and informative presentation to be enjoyed by everyone.” Dave Wismer (Kiwanis Golden K Club)

"What a wonderful, knowledgeable presentation with great picture.  Kristen is a great resource for our area as is her store, Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie. Kristen was very well organized and our group has responded to me in great numbers and said how enjoyable it was. Maybe next year she would consider speaking to us again on a new topic. Thanks again.” Marg Woods (Barrie Huronia Probus Club)

'The Culture, Birds and Wildlife of Southern Peru' Presentation

“Kristen was terrific- so knowledgeable and interesting! Everyone I spoke to was very impressed. The introduction set the stage to allow us to understand a little of her background and then Kristen’s presentation was both informative and entertaining. What gorgeous photos!  Kristen is a natural public speaker!” Judy Whitfield (Runnymede United Church Women’s Group)