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Build a Bird House with Dad Workshop - Click here to register

Join Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie and Wild Birds Unlimited Newmarket to for a fun activity for kids and adult activity in celebration of Father's Day (June 16). Build a bird house together with Dad/Grandpa/Uncle etc. as a gift for Father's Day and to celebrate the bird dads. Offering a bird house for backyard birds will provide habitat for bird families in your yard. Each group of participants will be taking home a functional bird house made during the workshop. You will be provided with everything you need to create an bird house from a kit. We have a limited amount of space and we have to limit this activity to 3 people maximum per kit (including the adult). We are requesting that people pre-register to ensure we have enough supplies for all participants. As the kits put together with tools the recommended age for children is 5 and up. Each workshop will be limited to 6 groups of participants.

Event Date and Time: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 6:30pm
Event Location: Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie
Cost: $63.99 + HST (per group of 3 participants- 1 adult and up to 2 kids). The cost covers the supplies and tools for two people (an adult and up to 2 children/minors) to make 1 bird house together.
Contact us at (705) 726-7600 or [email protected]


WBU Wildlife Garden Tour - Click here to register

Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie and Wild Birds Unlimited Newmarket are excited to be hosting a one-of-a-kind Wildlife Habitat Garden Tour. Our goal and the purpose of the tour is to inspire people with yards of all shapes, sizes and styles of gardens to create bird and wildlife sanctuary’s in their yards by creating habitat. Our Wildlife Garden Tour will take place on Saturday July 6th at 9 am and will feature 2 gardens in Bradford and Holland Landing. While there is no set duration we will begin the tour at 9 am and believe it will conclude somewhere around 11:30 am (perhaps a little later). We will spend between 45 mins- 1 hour at each of the gardens. Time will be left for questions throughout the tours. We can accommodate 15 participants on the tour. 

Event Date and Time: Saturday, July 6 at 9:00am
Cost: FREE (Donation Appreciated - Proceeds Going to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge)
Contact us at (705) 726-7600 or [email protected]

Pre-Recorded Presentations: Please email wbubarrie436(at) gmail.com to Receive Viewing Link

The presentations below have been pre-recorded and are available to watch online at your leisure. We will be sure to post here as new presentations become available. To view the below presentations kindly email us [email protected]. We hope you enjoy them!

Gardening for the Birds

Creating a refuge in your own backyard will improve the lives of birds and other wildlife and it is a fun and rewarding activity for your family, too. Through this presentation Kristen explores how you can create a garden for the birds and other wildlife to enjoy.  This presentation focuses on the four key elements of attracting wildlife as well as the use of specific types of plants (with emphasis on native plants). This presentation is packed full of photos of local backyard birds and wildlife, and is a must hear for anyone who enjoys gardening and is always looking for ways to bring wildlife into their yard. 

Gardening for the Future

We are entering into a new age of gardening. One where our yards and gardens are one of our closest links to the natural world and provide vital habitat to birds and wildlife. This presentation focuses on how to create functional gardens that attract more birds and wildlife and support local ecosystems by enhancing biodiversity. Join WBU's resident native plant expert Kristen as she explores several key topics in wildlife gardening including the use of native plants, garden styles and attracting birds and wildlife. Throughout this presentation Kristen will touch on experiences from her wildlife gardening journey.

View this presentation on our YouTube Channel YouTube.com/WBUBarrie using the following link: youtu.be/cRu3aL8QZf8

Goldfinches: Where Did They All Go?

Have you ever wondered why your flocks of goldfinches suddenly disappear? You're not alone we get asked this question every summer. "Where are all the goldfinches?" and "Why aren't they eating my Nyjer/ WBU Finch Blend?" Join WBU's Kristen for a presentation that looks at private lives of American Goldfinches and the natural cycles that influence their presence in our yards. We'll also examine some helpful tips for attracting these golden beauties to your yard.

View this presentation on our YouTube Channel YouTube.com/WBUBarrie using the following link: youtu.be/WDORj4uoyNY

Hummingbirds: Nature's Miracle

Against all odds - hummingbirds are truly nature’s miracle!  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in the world, and yet it is a champion acrobat and long-distance flyer. This presentation focuses on hummingbird feeding and foraging, nesting behaviour, migration and profiles some interesting hummingbirds.  Through this presentation Kristen looks at the fascinating lives of hummingbirds and provides helpful tips for attracting them to your yard.

Managing Blackbirds

Anyone who has fed the birds knows what a nuisance large flocks of Blackbirds can be. These flocks usually consist of: European Starlings, Common Grackles. Brown-headed Cowbirds, and occasionally, Red-winged Blackbirds; and can deplete a feeder faster than any squirrel! Join us online as we discuss different ways to limit their access to your feeders, and to take back the enjoyment of bird feeding again (including feeding them if you wish to!). We'll also learn about these different birds so we can understand them better. This free presentation is a must hear for anyone who enjoys feeding the birds in their backyard. 

Mason Bee Education

Blue Orchard Mason Bees are a species commonly found in North America and can be released in your garden to successfully pollinate your flowers, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Mason Bee cocoons can be released when conditions are optimal, when daytime temperatures have reached about 10-13°C (50-55°F) or 10% of spring blooms are happening. Simply release them in your yard and provide your garden and neighbourhood with instant pollination and biodiversity. Female bees will return to the area they hatched to lay their eggs and having a pollen bee nest available to them will ensure the bees continue to flourish in your area.  

Moving Beyond the Butterfly Garden 

Want to learn more about gardening for all kinds of wildlife? WBU Barrie and WBU Newmarket present Moving Beyond the Butterfly Garden, a presentation by Laura Thomas of Hidden Habitat a native plant nursery offering ecological landscaping and garden design services. We will explore a holistic approach to gardening for wildlife where we look beyond what is needed a pollinator patch or butterfly garden. Learn how your garden can provide habitat for more than just butterflies and that by implementing strategies that support a diversity of species from songbirds to salamanders, you improve the ecological integrity of your garden and make it more welcoming to butterflies and beyond.

View this presentation on our YouTube Channel YouTube.com/WBUBarrie using the following link: youtu.be/AK8Zm2V5WVo

Nesting Neighbours

Nesting season is here! Our year-round resident backyard birds are actively searching for a place to raise their families. Ever wonder who prefers what, or how to attract them to nest in your yard? Join us online for our presentation about Nesting Neighbours. This presentation focuses on what bird house and nesting accessories will work best in your yard, where you should place nest boxes, what birds use nest boxes and how to provide the best nutrition for birds and their growing families.

Orioles – Birds with a Sweet Tooth

Join us as WBU Newmarket’s Kristen Martyn talks everything orioles: types of orioles, their natural history, nesting, oriole behaviours and of course how to attract orioles to your backyard! This presentation concentrates on how you can best prepare your yard to attract these nectar and fruit loving birds using food, water and several other key features. This presentation is packed full of photos of these brilliantly coloured backyard birds and is a must hear for anyone who feeds the birds or would like to learn more about the birds in their area.

Powerful Pollinators

You’re probably familiar with some of the pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. However, you may be surprised to learn the identity of some of the other pollinators. Join Kristen as she takes a closer at the pollinators including the different groups of pollinators and how you can support them in your yard. Spoiler alert- pollinators need more than flower nectar. This presentation is packed full of interesting facts and pollinator photos.

Preparing Your Yard for Spring/Summer

Join us as we learn about how to best prepare your yard for the spring and summer seasons. Now is the time to create a backyard oasis for the birds and for you!  This is an exciting time of year when many of our migrants being to return, including Baltimore Orioles, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, not to mention all the babies! This presentation concentrates on how you can prepare your yard for the birds during the warm months using food, water and several other key features. This presentation is packed full of photos of local backyard birds and is a must hear for anyone who feeds the birds or would like to learn more about the birds in their area.  

Wild Bird Rehabilitation with the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work at a wild bird rehabilitation centre? Join Patty from the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre (www.wildbirdcarecentre.org) one of the only rehabilitation centres in Ontario dedicated exclusively to the care of wild birds, to learn all about wild bird rehabilitation. We will then explore a few other topics including what to do if you find a baby bird or injured bird (including suspected window collision).

View this presentation on our YouTube Channel YouTube.com/WBUBarrie using the following link: https://youtu.be/aOyjk5DxqKY