Wild Birds Unlimited Barrie is Now Booking FeederScaping™ Services

Whether you are just starting the wonderful bird feeding hobby or want to improve your current bird feeding experience, our fee-based FeederScaping services will help you maximize your enjoyment of feeding and observing birds.

FeederScaping Services

Our Certified Bird Feeding Specialist™ will come to your home (or other space), evaluate your yard and help you create a plan to attract the widest variety of beautiful songbirds. Our specialist will also provide expert advice to keep squirrels, raccoons and other critters away from your feeders.

Over the years we have provided on site services when customers have inquired about having one of our Bird Feeding Experts come to their yard and make suggestions specific to their space. We are delighted to be offering this exciting service formally as FeederScaping.

Here are a list of services we offer through FeederScaping consultations:

  • Recommendations on what products to use to attract the birds desired
  • Recommendations on the placement of pole systems, bird feeders, baths, houses and accessories (we can even bring products to you space to see how they look!)
  • Consultations on what native plant species to include in the space and where to put them (we will also let you know about any invasive species we come across for removal)
  • Consultations on wildlife habitat gardening with native plants
  • Pole system and product installation
  • Bird feeder maintenance and filling
  • And much more! 

Whats to Expect

Once we receive your FeederScaping inquiry we will reach out via email (or phone if you prefer) to get an understanding of what you hope to get out of the service (what your goals are) and to set up a mutually acceptable appointment date and time. Appointments are typically scheduled during the week between the hours of 10 am - 3 pm. 

During the site visit our specialist will typically spend between 1-1.5 hours on site touring your space to understand your needs, provide advice and answer your questions. Our specialists will provide recommendations for your yard, including products (feeders, baths, houses etc.). 

Depending on your needs a repeat visit may occur to install products, deliver products, fill bird feeders or assist with whatever else is needed. 


FeederScaping consultations are $50.00 + HST. There is a discount of 50% off the service for Daily Savings Club Members who pay $25.00 + HST. Depending on the distance from our store an additional mileage fee may apply. If repeat visits are necessary for installation or other services are required, the fees for additional visits will be quoted on an individual basis. 

Bring more joy into your life by using our Certified Bird Feeding Specialist for trusted local advice and FeederScaping Services.

Schedule Now!

To inquire about FeederScaping Services or to schedule an appointment please email us at [email protected]