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Bird Houses and Nesting

At WBU we have designed our bird houses to include all the key features necessary to make them functional and safe for birds. We wanted a birdhouse that met all the requirements of the birds, yet was also: visually pleasing, sturdy, well-built, easy to clean, easy to monitor, easy to photograph the family, properly ventilated, and easy to hang or post-mount. We created a copyrighted design for our WBU Bird Houses that has all of the above features, then built it in many sizes and hole specifications to meet the needs of different bird species all across North America. We have the first and only outdoor birdhouse on the market that has a two-way opening system. Open the side to clean out the nest. Open the roof to monitor, view, and photograph the progress of the family. Our opening and locking mechanism is simple, quick, and predator-proof. Seriously, these are really great birdhouses! They have been tested by our customers and expert bluebird trail sponsors for many years, and receive rave reviews. We also carry nesting boxes for other wildlife, as well as nesting accessories like predator guards and nesting material. Click below to explore our different nesting options!

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