Items for the Kitchen

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It’s easy to bring birds and nature into your kitchen with our beautiful collection of unique kitchen items. We aim to bring in products that will bring you joy, make great gifts and be useful in one of the busiest places in your home. Many of our kitchen products are eco-friendly and are made right here in Canada by local Canadian businesses. Our kitchen products make a wonderful addition to any kitchen and fantastic gifts.


AbeegoAbeego: Abeego is a beeswax wrap that replaces plastic wrap and it makes much more sense. Living food needs to breathe, otherwise it would come with an airtight wrap the rind, peel or skin. Abeego lets your food breathe and it smells amazing! Perfect for bread, herbs, avocado, onions, cheese and anything else you can think of. Each sheet is cleaned using warm water and dish soap and can be reused for up to a year. When your finished simply compost Abeego. How awesome is that? Best of all Abeego is made in Canada Made in Canada. WBU Barrie carries Abeego in a variety of sizes to suit all of the delicious foods in your kitchen! 


Bone China MugsBone China Mugs - For those of you who collect our mugs or want to start your own collection, this new line is for you! These mugs are made of Bone China, are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in a decorative gift box. We carry 13 beautiful designs showcasing various birds and other wildlife, including Owls, Woodpeckers, Doves, Orioles, Blue Jays, Goldfinches, Cardinals, Rabbits, Chipmunks, Foxes, Deer, and many more! Watch your back yard friends, and enjoy your favorite beverage in your favourite mug!

Dishwasher/Microwave safe. Holds 13.5 oz.



ChirpyTopChirpyTop Wine Pourer: How do you make a bottle of wine even more enjoyable? With the ChirpyTop Wine Pourer! Adding a touch of backyard whimsy to your table, it's unique hidden whistle naturally creates a "chirping" sound while you pour.  Makes a great house-warming gift! Fits all standard wine bottles. Provides a drip-free pour. Stainless Steel tubes with silicone rubber. Hand wash only. Available in multiple colour combinations. 

Approximately 2.5" tall when inserted into the bottle. 

See bottom of page for a video of the ChirpyTop in action. 



CJ Wildlife MugsCJ Wildlife Mugs: For those of you who collect our High Quality Ceramic mugs or want to start your own collection, there are many in stock here for you! There are so many beautiful birds and each of the most common backyard birds comes in a stunning mug to add to or start your collection. These mugs are made of 100% ceramic, are dishwasher and microwave safe. We carry 13 beautiful designs include American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee, Blue Jay, California Quail, House Finch, American Robin, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Anna’s Hummingbird, Downy Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Red-breasted Nuthatch, and White-breasted Nuthatch. Watch your back yard friends, and enjoy your favorite beverage in your favorite bird mug!




Pocket Pals Pot Holder SetPocket Pals Pot Holder Set: This charismatic set of padded potholder and dishtowel is made to keep your hand protected while cooking. Each potholder is embroidered, has back pockets, and can also double as a trivet! It’s great for use in your own home or makes for a thoughtful gift!  A perfect combination of form and function, the tea towel will make washing up less of a chore. Each towel is a generous size providing a large drying surface. Our Tea Towels can be used as decorative accents or as functional dish towels. Pot Holder are 100% Cotton Cover with polyester fill. Towels are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.  

Pot Holder Dimensions: 7.5" x 10" (19 x 26 cm). 

Tea Towel Dimensions: 18" x 28" (46 x 71 cm)



Pot HolderPot Holders: These whimsical potholders are made of cotton with polyester fill. Add life and character to your kitchen with our collection of Pot Holders featuring fun and colourful nature inspired designs, many with birds and other wildlife. These Pot Holders also match our popular Tea Towels to help coordinate your kitchen look! Silver acrylic coated cotton on reverse side offers major heat protection while lifting and moving items from your stove or oven.  100% cotton cover 100% polyester fill.

Dimensions: 8 x 8 inch square.



Spiced Mug MatsSpiced Mug Mats: Filled with real spices, the decorative mug mats are hand stitched with the highest of quality material featuring Alice Backman's original water color designs of nature and botanical themes. Place a warm tea or coffee mug on the mat to enhance the wonderful aroma. They protect table tops and are perfect for the home or office. They are a hands down great product all on their own. Machine washable and 100% cotton. Available seasonally in the months leading up to Christmas.



Stainless Steel StrawStainless-Steel Reusable Straws with Cleaning Brush: Help reduce wasteful single use plastic straws by using this Stainless-Steel Straw whenever you need one. Using this straw instead of a single-use straw when you need one keeps waste out of landfills and the natural environment.  Spread the word about the dangers of plastic single-use straws by ordering your drinks “no straw please” and ask restaurants to consider saving money and the environment by providing (paper) straws upon request only. Each 7” straw comes in a handy velvet carry bag and includes a straw cleaning brush.

 Did You Know? Due to slow decomposition, every single straw ever made is still on Earth!



Sugar Saver - Brown SugarSugar Saver - Brown Sugar: Help keep your brown sugar nice and soft with this handcrafted Sugar Saver.  Soak natural terracotta Sugar Saver in water for a few minutes, then place in brown sugar container. Dishwasher safe. Handcrafted in Canada.Made in Canada




Sugar Saver- White SugarSugar Saver- White Sugar: Help keep your white sugar flowing freely with this handcrafted Sugar Saver. Simply place in with your white sugar and the natural clay will absorb moisture to help keep the sugar dry and free flowing. Dishwasher safe. Handcrafted in Canada. Made in Canada

Dimensions: 2.5" w x 2.5" h x 0.25" deep





Swedish Dish ClothSwedish Dishcloths - Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibres, these 100% natural and compostable cloths are an established must-have in Scandinavia. They offer a sustainable alternative to sponges, dishcloths and paper towels and become soft and pliable when wet for easy cleanup. Whimsical and nature themed images make these a great addition to any kitchen. 70% cellulose 30% cotton. Made in Sweden.

Dimensions: 6.5" wide x 8" tall.





Tea Bag PlateTea Bag Plate: Add some whimsy to your kitchen with our Tea Bag Plates. Available in two of cute animal design, an owl or cat, these plates measure 4" (10 cm) in length making it the perfect size dish for used tea bags. Our Tea Bag Plates are made of bone china and are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dimensions:  4” L x 2.75” W







Tea TowelTea Towels: Our collection of Tea Towels feature nature inspired designs many with birds and other wildlife. Tea Towels are sold either as a single or as a pair. Each towel is a generous size providing a large drying surface. Our Tea Towels can be used as decorative accents or as functional dish towels. Towels are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.

Dimensions: 28” L x 18” W







Wilderness Soap Co. SoapWilderness Soap Co. Soap: Made locally in Collingwood, Ontario, Wilderness Soap Co. Soaps will leave your skin feeling clean and smelling delish! Each bar is lovingly hand made and contains high quality ingredients. All Wilderness Soap Co. products contain 100% natural ingredients, 100% essential oils, 100% vegan and 100% palm oil free. All products are also all paraben free, sulfate free, petroleum free, phthalate free, free of synthetic fragrances, free of synthetic dyes, free of palm oil and are never tested on animals. Not only are they great for your skin, but equally great for the planet. Soap bars weight between 4-5 Oz. Canadian Company.Canadian Company


Wood Lacquer TrayWood Lacquer Tray - Do you collect our Bone China Mugs? Then these trays are definitely for you! Created with matching nature designs, these wooden lacquer trays are a great addition to any table setting or simply to carry your drink and snack to your bird watching spot. Check out our full line next time you're in store and choose your favourite! Decoupaged inner design with non-slip rubber feet. Food safe, Hand wash.

Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 3.5 in. Weight 1.25 lbs



Tealish Fine TeasTealish Fine Teas: Tealish is a modern tea boutique from here in Ontario, which was started in 2005 with the intention of changing peoples perception of tea from the boring teabags we all grew up with. To show people how incredibly fun, delicious, healthy and amazing premium loose leaf tea is. Using teas of premium quality married with colourful healthy ingredients including whole fruit pieces, nuts, fragrant spices and flower petals, their teas are carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality and best flavour. Below is a list of these delicious teas:

Canadian Company. Canadian Company


Tealish Dessert Tea - Toasty AlmondTealish Dessert Tea - Toasty Almond: A rich and delicious herbal blend with almond, apple, cinnamon, and beetroot pieces. The intoxicating aroma of roasted nuts, caramelized almonds and baked apples are impossible to resist. A dreamy blend anytime you need a sweet treat! Tin contains 125g (4.4 oz) loose leaf tea. Makes 62 cups.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, almond slivers, cinnamon pieces, flavouring, beetroot pieces.


Tealish Dessert Tea - Sweet MacaronTealish Dessert Tea - Sweet Macaron: Bright green tea with hints of walnut and coconut blended with sweet almond, hazelnut and luscious vanilla. Reminds us of creamy, decadent macarons from a Parisian bakery. Tin contains 110g (3.9 oz) loose leaf tea. Makes 55 cups.

Ingredients: Green tea, almond slivers, candied hazelnut bits, coconut, walnut bits, flavouring, candied pineapple.


Tealish Black Tea - Chocolate Loves StrawberryTealish Black Tea - Chocolate Loves Strawberry: Luxurious dark chocolate and juicy strawberry. A smooth black tea with a touch of bourbon vanilla. Reminds us of summer fresh strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate. Part of their dessert tea collection, decadently rich, deliciously sweet and calorie free! Tin contains 90g of loose leaf tea. Makes 45 cups.

Ingredients: Black tea, chocolate bits (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, soy lecithin), strawberry pieces, flavorings, safflowers.


Tealish Black Tea - Electric Earl GreyTealish Black Tea - Electric Earl Grey: Classic and vibrant black tea with double bergamot and colorful blossoms. Part of their gourmet classics tea collection, wonderfully delicious and delightfully satisfying! Tin Contains 95g of loose leaf tea. Makes 47 cups.

Ingredients: Black tea, sunflower blossoms, mallow blossoms, safflower petals, flavoring, cornflower blossoms.


Tealish Black Tea - Chai DarlingTealish Black Tea - Chai Darling: Bold and eclectic black tea with notes of exotic spices and warm ginger. Part of their gourmet classics tea collection, wonderfully delicious and delightfully satisfying! Tin contains 95g (3.4 oz) of loose leaf tea. Makes 47 cups.

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, lemon balm, pepper, anise, elderflowers.


Tealish Green Tea - Ginger SparkleTealish Green Tea - Ginger Sparkle: Zesty and refreshing green tea with hints of cozy ginger and uplifting citrus. Part of their gourmet classics tea collection, wonderfully delicious and delightfully satisfying! Tin contains 90g of loose leaf tea. Makes 45 cups.

Ingredients: green tea, ginger, lemongrass, orange peel, lemon verbena, pink peppercorn, flavouring, coriander seeds.



ChirpyTop Wine Pourer