Skin Care Products

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WBU Barrie is product to offer the highest quality skin care products including, lotions, soaps, scrubs and lip balm. Our skin care products are made in Canada by local Canadian businesses and contain natural ingredients.


Thentix™ Skin ConditionerThentix™ Skin Conditioner: Thentix™ Skin Conditioner penetrates deep into your skin for healing and hydration. Thentix™ is made from all natural ingredients that provide natural antibacterial and antiseptic agents to fight germs and bacterial. When you wash your hands Thentix™ stays on your skin and continues to provide hydration. Thentix™ Skin Conditioner is great for dry hangs and a variety of other dry skin conditions including: abrasions, acne, allergic rash, athlete’s foot, bed sores, blisters, burns, chapped lips, chapped skin, chemo hand-foot syndrome, cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema fungus, hives, insect bites, posion ivy, psoriasis, razor burn, shingles, sunburn and windburn. Thentix™ Skin Conditioner is available in several sizes: 2 Oz. (58 g), 4 Oz. (113 g), 8 Oz. (227 g) and 12 Oz. (360 Oz.).For people who frequently wash their hands throughout the day should find Thentix™ very beneficial. Since Thentix™ is a honey-based product it does not contain wax, glycerin, mineral oil, lanolin, or lactose fillers. Thentix™ is not a lotion - Thentix™ is a skin conditioner which means it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Another great feature is that Thentix™ does not wash off like lotions do. Thentix™ is an antiseptic, an antibacterial and an antifungal.

Features and Benefits of Thentix™ Skin Conditioner

  • Made in Canada
  • Works wonders on a wide variety of dry skin conditions
  • All natural ingredients include pure honey, royal jelly, aloe vera, vitamins A & E, avocado oil, ginseng, chamomile, etc.
  • Natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it a good bacteria and germ fighter
  • Avocado and jojoba oils acts as a skin toner and softener
  • Natural skin hydration is achieved by having pure honey as the main ingredient
  • Thentix™ is a safe product for all skin types making it beneficial for the whole family
  • Skin regeneration is encouraged by Vitamin A being one of its ingredients
  • Being a full body conditioner allows you to replace face creams, lip balms, and body, hand and foot lotions and cream with one product
  • Stays on your hands even after you wash them
  • As a healing and hydrating cream, Thentix™ ™ benefits your skin by providing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help keep your skin soft and healthy
  • Over time you may find you will need to use less and less thus saving you money as well the positive skin results

Thentix™ Muscle and Joint: Certified all natural by Health Canada, Thentix™ Muscle and Joint is a unique topical pain relieving cream that contains anti-arthritic and anti-spasmodic properties with the ability to target serious pain and penetrate deep below the skin. Thentix™ is formulated with only natural ingredients that have been used for centuries as pain relievers by natural healers. No harsh chemicals, which can be abrasive and damaging to skin over time, are found in Thentix™ cream. Thentix™ provides super-fast relief of general muscle soreness, back pain and tendonitis, including immediate pain relief from arthritic conditions, bursitis, stiff joints, leg and muscle cramps. Thentix™ has also been found to bring relief to sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome. As a secondary benefit, Thentix™ can help reduce or eliminate the need for narcotic pain relievers. Thentix™ Musle and Joint is available in 4 Oz. (118 g) bottles.