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Did you know that no amount of fertilizer or water will produce abundant flowers and vegetables, without pollination? For pollination, you need bees. We must have bees to help pollinate our crops, plants and trees 75-80% of all plans and trees require pollination from insects. The sad news is Our pollinators are in trouble! The use of harsh pesticides, mites, fungi and habitat loss. is believed to have resulted in declines in our pollinators including many species of bees.  Planting native plants, installing bee houses and providing our pollinators with healthy habitats will all assist in helping our bees.

WBU Barrie is proud to offer the following products to help these precious pollinators:

 2018 Mason Bee Pre-Orders

Live Pollen Bee Cocoons

Blue Orchid Mason Bees CocoonsWBU Barrie is proud to now offer Blue Orchard Mason Bee cocoons. This species is commonly found in North America and can be released in your garden to successfully pollinate your flowers, trees, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Pollen bee cocoons can be released when conditions are optimal, when daytime temperatures have reached about 10-13°C (50-55°F) or 10% of spring blooms are happening. The pollen bee cocoons must be protected until they hatch or they risk predation and illness. They will need some type of emergence chamber to protect them. Emergence chambers can be purchased from WBU Barrie (see our description below) or can be made at home. Set emergence chambers on a shelf away from predators and close to a pollen bee nest. Female bees will return to the area they hatched to lay their eggs and having a pollen bee nest available to them will ensure the bees continue to flourish in your area.

There are 10 Blue Orchard Mason Bees cocoons per package. Blue Orchard Mason Bee cocoon must be placed outdoors no later than June 1 to complete their life cycle.

Mason Bee Cocoons are a seasonal product and are only available from mid April until June.

Please click here to download our Mason Bee and Leafcutter Bee Care Sheet.


Pollen Bee Houses

Several species of bees and butterflies will also use houses. The sight of these little colourful gems in the backyard is a welcome sight by gardeners and nature enthusiast. Attracting bees and butterflies into your yard is a great way to pollinate the plants in your garden, enhancing flowers and vegetables. Using bee and butterfly houses also helps to increase the biodiversity in your neighborhood.


Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest:Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest: Did you know that no amount of fertilizer or water will produce abundant flowers and vegetables, without pollination? For pollination, you need bees. Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest has been developed to attract a variety of wild pollen bees to your garden and vastly improve pollination of your plants. The proprietary granular volcanic rock filler prevents moisture from destroying the nests and developing bees. The filler, and excellent insulator allows bees to overwinter inside the nest. This scientifically-designed nest eliminates most problems associated with natural or wooden man-made nests. The nest can be left in place year round, only needing an annual cleaning. Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest can produce 100 to 150 pollinating bees per year. This pollen bee home is proudly made in Canada. 

Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest:Help your garden and the environment this spring! The scientifically designed Pollen Bee Nest is more effective than natural or wooden man-made bee nests at providing a truly protective nesting place for native solitary pollen bees. This nest has been developed to attract a wide variety these gentle pollinators to your garden. The nest tube sizes, the proprietary volcanic rock filler, the specific color and pattern on the outer nest housing– all are the result of extensive research and testing. Inexpensive Solitary Pollen Bee Nests will improve your garden and the environment by supporting the natural life cycle of native solitary pollen bees.


Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest Emergence ChamberArmstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest Emergence Chamber: The Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest Emergence Chamber Emergence Chamber is a dark box/cover with a small hole at the bottom that fits neatly onto our nest. It allows the new bees to emerge from the nest but does not allow them to return. Once all the bees have emerged out of the chamber, the tubes will be empty and ready to clean. Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest were designed to be mainly maintenance free but, over time, debris and mites can build up in the nest tubes. An Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest Emergence Chamber makes the nests easier to clean and allows you to further help out the pollen bees. An Emergence Chamber is a dark box/cover with a small hole at the bottom that fits neatly onto our nest. It allows the new bees to emerge from the nest but does not allow them to return. Once all the bees have emerged in the spring, the tubes will be empty and ready to clean. TIP: Newly emerged bees will begin looking for a nesting site almost immediately. Placing a new (or previously cleaned) Bee Nest near the one covered by the Emergence Chamber will allow the emerging bees to find a new home right away.


Armstrong and Blackbury Pollen Bee Nest Emergence ChamberAt the end of a season, when all the tubes have been filled or activity has died down, slide the Emergence Chamber over the end of the nest. Leave over the winter and the new bees will emerge 12 months after they were laid the previous year. If you use the nest log provided to note when the tubes were filled, you will know when the new bees will be ready to emerge, leaving the Bee Nest empty and ready to clean. Once you think all the tubes are empty, remove the Nest and Emergence Chamber and take somewhere suitable for cleaning. (If you leave the nest in place to clean, you may find new bees trying to use it before it is clean and dry!)

Cleaning the nest requires reaming out each tube with an appropriate sized drill bit. Blow out the debris with an air hose or a gravy baster. Using a pipe cleaner dipped in a bleach solution of one tablespoon of bleach to 8 Oz. of water, lightly dampen the inside of each tube, being careful not to get them too wet. Allow at least two hours drying time or longer. Once dry, use a pipe cleaner dipped in the proprietary miteacide powder to apply a light coating to the inside of each tube. Remove any loose powder by giving a final blast from the gravy baster and the nest is ready for reuse.

Contents of the Emergence Chamber Kit:

  • 1 Emergence Chamber
  • 4 Pipe Cleaners (of difference diameters for cleaning out the chambers)
  • 1 Package of Miteacide
  • 1 New Decal for the original nest exterior
  • 1Strip of 20 Bee Dots to cover the tubes
  • 1 Detailed instructions about the Emergence Chamber
  • 1 Nest Log


Chalet Double Season Bee HouseChalet Double Season Bee House: Suitable for small gardens and new beekeepers, the Chalet provides everything you need to house both spring mason bees and leafcutter bees. The Chalet Home is made of of strong and long lasting West coast cedar. It comes pre-loaded with nesting tubes for mason bees and a BLOK of nesting tunnels for leafcutter bees. This Bee House comes with a predator guard that will protect your bees from woodpeckers and parasitic wasps. Made of solid wood with a peaked roof, the overhang protects bees from wind, rain and hot sun.  Made in Canada. 

Outside dimensions: 9" x 7.25" x 7.25". Approximately 2 lbs. 



Insect HotelInsect Hotel: A nifty gift and a cool home for a variety of insects.  This Insect hotel is for all kinds of insects and smaller summer bees including the leafcutter bee.  The variety of materials inside the hut makes this attractive to all kinds of insects.  In the fall when it cools into winter, open nests and see what is inside. The predator guard protects the summer bee nests in the lower partition. Made in Canada. 

Dimensions: 3″ x 7 1/2″ x 1 1/2″



Wasp-proof Net BagWasp-proof Net Bag: Protect your developing mason bees from those marauding parasitic wasps during the summer months. This finely long lasting woven mesh bag protects cocoons from parasitic wasps and other insects while in storage from summer to winter. No-Wasp Net Bags are generously sized with an extra-wide, draw-string opening. The bags have room for stacked nesting trays and Mason Bee Houses with the cocoons inside. After all mason bee activity has stopped in the early summer and they are no longer flying in and out of the nest, place entire home or nests into net bags, draw it closed, and the cocoons are safe from pests. Staying pest-free means viable cocoons come spring. No-Wasp Bags are an important part of keeping a healthy Mason Bee population from year to year. Bags are washable and fold flat for storage.

Dimensions: 24" x 24"


Butterfly Houses and Feeders

Pine Butterfly House

Butterfly Box: Made of sturdy pine, this Butterfly Box provides a safe place for your butterflies to rest on cool early spring/fall nights. The built-in roof helps keep the elements out and perches are provided inside giving the butterflies somewhere to rest. Mount in the garden at the approximate height of your flowering plants. Hanging a Butterfly Feeder nearby will provide your butterfly guests with steady supply of food. For best results, plant native butterfly friendly flowers in your garden.

Dimensions: 17" x 4" x 4"









Flutterby™ Butterfly FeederFlutterby™ Butterfly Feeder: The Flutterby™ Butterfly Feeder is the perfect complement to the backyard of any nature enthusiast. This unique feeder offers two ways in which to attract butterflies: nectar and fruit trays. This feeder features a nectar dish which holds 1.5 cups (350 mL) of nectar (table sugar and water). The Flutterby Butterfly Feeder also has shallow dishes where you can place over ripened fruits such as banana pieces and oranges which are favoured by butterflies. The feeding ports are small to accommodate a butterfly’s proboscis (mouth parts) and a built-in ant moat that keeps unwanted bugs out. Made of high-impact polycarbonate that is also top rack dishwasher safe, the Flutterby™ Butterfly Feeder can be hung or mounted on a 5/8” wooden dowel or pole (not included). This gives you the option of placing your feeder in the best location for viewing. The Flutterby™ Butterfly Feeder has a lifetime warranty.

Dimensions: 7.75” x 8.5”


Butterfly FeederButterfly Feeder: This bright yellow Butterfly Feeder is the perfect addition to any pollinator party in your backyard. This feeder allows multiple options to attract butterflies via nectar and fruit. Fill the generous nectar tray with your nectar solution (table sugar and water). Butterflies can drink through the holes or use the included wicks to access the nectar drawn up by them. This feeder also includes two shallow cups to hold banana pieces which are favourites of butterflies. The built in ant-moat can be filled with water to thwart unwanted insects, or fill it will fruit jelly for additional feeding options!

Dimensions: 7" x 9" tall




Bird Care Nectar BrushWBU Bird Care Nectar Brush: Our WBU Bird Care Nectar Brush is designed to clean hummingbird and other similar feeders. This high-quality brush will reach those hard to clean areas at the top and bottom. It will fit into small neck bottles and the bristles are firm but flexible. The WBU Bird Care Nectar Brush is 14” in length and contains two brush heads. This brush is ideal for cleaning WBU Seed Tube Feeders, WBU Finch Feeders, WBU Hummingbird Feeders and WBU Oriole Feeders.

Bird Care Nectar Port BrushWBU Bird Care Nectar Port Brush: The WBU Bird Care Nectar Port Brush is designed to clean 3/32"- ¼" diameter hummingbird or oriole feeder ports, bee guards and can be used for many other small areas. Brush and rinse you brush and feeder when changing your nectar solution. This brush is ideal for cleaning WBU Hummingbird Feeders and WBU Oriole Feeders.